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Bug#229196: libc6: add rsync to list of nss-dependent packages

On Sun 25 Jan 2004, GOTO Masanori wrote:
> Paul Slootman wrote:
> > When rsync is running as a daemon, it is also affected if
> > Name Service Switch changes.
> > 
> > Starting with rsync 2.6.0-2 (to be uploaden RSN), there is an init.d
> > script to handle the starting and stopping of the daemon. I'd appreciate
> > it if you could add rsync to the list of services to be stopped and
> > started.
> This NSS start-stop modification is for transition from woody to
> sarge.  As you wrote, you add start-stop daemon code for the recent
> version, so: (1) if user upgrades only libc6: there is no
> /etc/init.d/rsync (2) if user upgrades both libc6 and rsync, rsync
> should be automatically restarted or user need to modify their startup
> code.  So there is no need to add rsync to libc6.postinst restart
> code.  Do you think?

Well, it's true that there's not so much point in adding it now, that's

However, if a new change to the NSS stuff occurs, please keep in mind
that rsync also may need to be restarted.

Feel free to close this bug if you can remember this without this bug
report :-)

Paul Slootman

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