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Re: Bug 22185

On Fri, 2003-12-26 at 19:22, tom r wrote:
> I've seen a lot of reports of this bug:
> ld.so: Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno or h errno directly.
> but haven't seen any work arounds or anyone talking about a fix.  Can 
> you tell me when a fix might be released?

The best fix is to fix the broken programs that don't comply with the C
specifications.  The second best fix is to wait until the next glibc
upload, which should have the warning disabled by default.

The broken programs will need to be fixed anyway, since we can't
maintain compatibility with these bugs forever.  But the glibc for Sarge
will be fine.  It's not obvious yet what will happen for Sarge+1.

Jeff Bailey

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