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Bug#203303: Reopening - not fixed for many non-i386 arches


At Thu, 6 Nov 2003 22:33:33 -0500,
Stephen Gran wrote:
> This bug is fixed on i386, and it looks like hppa as well.  However it
> is still broken on ia64, alpha and powerpc
At Fri, 7 Nov 2003 09:20:05 -0500,
Stephen Gran wrote:
> It looks like it is also a problem on mipsel, arm and sparc.

This bug is caused by kdemultimedia compilation flag "-pedantic" +
"-ansi".  If I removed these flags from all configure settings on
alpha, then the compilation becomed ok.  (But it failed at kmidi.cpp
on alpha if I removed "-pedantic" - it's another bug of

	../../kmidi/kmidi.cpp: In member function `void KMidi::redoplaybox()':
	../../kmidi/kmidi.cpp:1215: error: call of overloaded `insert(char, int)' is 
	/usr/include/qt3/qstring.h:515: error: candidates are: QString& 
	   QString::insert(unsigned int, const QString&)
	/usr/include/qt3/qstring.h:896: error:                 QString& 
	   QString::insert(unsigned int, const QByteArray&)
	/usr/include/qt3/qstring.h:893: error:                 QString& 
	   QString::insert(unsigned int, const char*)
	/usr/include/qt3/qstring.h:521: error:                 QString& 
	   QString::insert(unsigned int, QChar)
	/usr/include/qt3/qstring.h:522: error:                 QString& 
	   QString::insert(unsigned int, char)
	make[4]: *** [kmidi.o] Error 1

Kdemultimedia needs to use linux kernel headers, and some linux kernel
headers are not ready for strict ANSI.  Well it's good idea to fix all
linux kernel headers as "GCC -pedantic -ansi ready" but it's minor
issue.  If you compile all sources with -pedantic, then you encounter
a lot of compilation problems.

I recommend you not to use -pedantic for kdemultimedia.  Is there any
reason to add this -pedantic flag for this software?  Could you remove
such flags and recompile?  I also think it's good idea to check and
update a lot of warnings and configure.

And then, I saw this URI that SuSE guys encountered this problem; it
seemed they also suggested the answer which I found at last.


BTW, I would like to know why ISO C++ forbits braced-groups.

-- gotom

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