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Re: [2.3.2-ds1-8] libc6-i686 on that thinkpad...

On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 07:46:41PM -0800, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> Apparently the libc6-i686 package was NOT actually installed on that
> thinkpad.  I have rebooted it with a different kernel (I think it's a
> stock Debian 2.4.20 686 kernel) and everything's working...  I wanted to
> try using "fuser" to see if those /lib/tls/i686 files are actually in
> use or not, and found that they are not even there!
> Apparently, the assert message came from when the libc6-dbg package was
> being installed, and the libc6-i686 had NOT yet been unpacked.  It's
> install has just completed successfully, and the following dpkg runs
> appear to be working fine -- always a good sign.  I can imagine that you
> guys have had a time or two where it no longer functions at that point. 
> Must be a pain after a 2 hour rebuild.  I supppose that nowadays you can
> cross compile it on a really fast machine?
> Ah.  Ok, I just tried to execute "/lib/tls/i686/cmov/ld-2.3.2.so" and it
> exits with an error about "kernel too old".  So, none of the stuff in
> the libc6-i686 will be used unless I move to kernel 2.6.0 then?
> Sigh.  You tell me and we'll both know.
> Is that a full libc6 then, and will it be used by all software on the
> system if I upgrade the kernel?  Or is it only if there's the right line
> in /etc/ld.so.conf?

Or you could read the package description for libc6-i686.
 Contains the standard libraries that are used by nearly all programs on
 the system. This package includes shared versions of the standard C
 library and the standard math library, as well as many others.
 This set of libraries is optimized for i686 machines, and will only be
 used if you have an i686 class CPU (check the output of `uname -m').  This
 includes Pentium Pro, Pentium II/III, Celeron CPU's and similar class
 CPU's (including clones such as AMD, but not the Via C3).
 This package includes support for NPTL.  The optimized libraries will not
 be used unless you are using a 2.6 kernel.
 WARNING: Some commercial programs may not work well with these libraries.
 Most notably, IBM's JDK. If you experience problems with such
 applications, you will need to remove this package.

I gather it needs its own FAQ.

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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