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need fp-less config for libc-2.3.2-7

I'm in need of the configuration for the libc6_2.3.2-7_i386.deb file.
I'm trying to compile it myself, but am
up against problems on a processor which does not have floating point
capacity. The pre-compiled version
above works OK, but the one I compile myself either triggers illegal
instructions (signal 4?), or does not
compile at all when I try to disable fp (not that I really know what I'm
doing), citing :

/work/glibc-2.3.2/glibc-build/libc_pic.os(.text+0x1368b): In function
../sysdeps/generic/s_ldexpl.c:32: undefined reference to `__finitel'

undefined reference to `__finitel'

as the error.

I'm using such a recent version because the 'stable' release generates
compile errors related to the assembler

The CPU is noted as a SiS, and the kernel does not indicate detecting or
floating point unit or initiation of the
emulator. Yes, perhaps if I resolved kernel issues the library would
work anyway, but the issue is that if I
could compile it 'like' the released .deb file, it would work (the
version I compile works OK on a 'standard'

I've tried looking around the debian website, but can't find the sort of
log / configuration setting file I'm
looking for. I'm willing to go to version -8 if need be, so long as
there's a config file to go with it and it
works on the CPU.

Hopefully this is the correct forum, I'm happy to direct future emails
appropriately once I know.

Thanks in anticipation,

John August.

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