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Bug#111268: Svenska språknämnden is a preferrable authority for Swedish as a language

I think SIS - Sewdish Institute for Standardisation is also a preferable
source for Swedish Language, and especially when it comes to computers.
SIS has made a recommendation to use either 12:34:56 or 12.34.56
as the time format, and mentions 12:34:56 first. This is a description
made especially for locales, and it would then take precedence over what
Svenska Språknämden prescribes.

I do not find 12:34 very technical, it is very common everywhere.

Best regards

Reference for the SIS-ITS specification:

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 12:40:44PM +0200, Mikael Hedin wrote:
> Ok, this is confusing.  Should the lovale use the technical format
> 12:34 or the language format 12.34?  I suggest staying with the 12.34
> format, but I still think 12.34.56 is a silly time format-but that's
> just my taste.  
> Anyway, should not d_t_fmt, t_fmt and date_fmt use the same format?
> IFAICT the last one uses colons today, but the formet two uses full
> stop.  And what are their respective uses?  I guess the answer is
> buried in the sources, but anyway...
> /Micce
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