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Bug#189792: libc6: devpts.sh needs to mount devpts even on devfs > 2.5.68


On Mon, 2 June 2003 18:33:22 +0900, GOTO Masanori wrote:
> You can get the (a bit old) 2.3.2 version at:
> 	http://people.debian.org/~gotom/2.3.2-1/
> I update this version later, but this version works fine for your
> kernel.

I have installed these packages for my box at home and did
not care much and just now rebooted. Effectively nothing did
change, also /etc/init.d/devpts.sh is still from April 20th,
and I have to manually mount devpts again.

I have not checked further, but then, where else would that
automatic mounting of devpts take place?


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