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Bug#190110: libc6: Sub-processes flaking out.

GOTO Masanori <gotom@debian.or.jp> writes:

>> No. For example, I can't start apache-ssl at all.  Courier IMAPd is
>> giving me terrible problems[1].  And the problem does seem to be time
>> related -- the longer the kernel is running the worse the problem
>> seems to get.
> Hmm, this is really bad state.  Can we say it's XFS related problem?

My bad... Both the problems above are totally separate issues.  I
supose problems are to be expected when upgrading, but the two I
mention are not this issue and are now resolved.

> Umm.  If your kernel has no problem, then the on-disk filesystem is
> corrupted, and XFS does not handle them well?  It seems not glibc
> problem.  If you put the image on ext3 not XFS, then is this problem
> still occured?

No idea... But I think that it has gone away now ... even on the "bad"
image.  I did a complete dist-upgrade to testing (rather than the mix
of stable and testing that I was using before) and it is gone.

Conclusion: I saw problems with certain apps (apache-ssl,
courier-imap) that I prematurely determined were glibc problems when
they were configuration issues and dependency problems.

There is still the issue of tar randomly getting messed up, but I
think that the dist-upgrade cured that.  I still have one disk in a
corrpted state if you want me to test something.


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