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Re: [locales] Solving the "debconf is not a registry" issue

On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 01:36:16PM +0900, GOTO Masanori wrote:
> Thanks for your patch!  This change is ok for me.  I've committed in.
> BTW, each line still inserts the empty line, though.

Only one empty line is inserted, even if maintainer scripts are run
several times, so I belive it does not hurt.  Of course a better
solution would be to insert an extra newline only if needed, but
I do not know how to determine if a text file contains an EOL at EOF.

> >   DEBIAN/templates:
> >     * Apply patch from #117509 and another typo fix by Joey Hess
> >     * In locales/locales_to_be_generated, Choices is no more translatable
> >       because it is set to Choices: ${locales}
> Hmm, I noticed that we were planning to support Bug#174190, see:
> 	http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=174190
> However, we have no more default set language names, so 'Danish locale
> for Denmark' cannot be translated into a favorite name under the
> different locales.  Do you think about it?

The bug submitter is right, newcomers do not understand these locale names.
But your solution is too verbose; IIRC there are currently 288 supported
locales, so lots of text will be displayed.
We could explain in the Description field how to decrypt locale names, and
keep current list unchanged.


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