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Re: glibc and php4

At Thu, 13 Mar 2003 10:49:38 +0700,
arief_mulya wrote:
> So it turn out that sunrpc licensing is not affecting the 
> release of glibc 2.3. I'm glad, but will still try to learn 
> the sunrpc stuff and will try to help Jeff do the porting.
> But meanwhile, as I have needs for php4, why do current 
> glibc conflicts with it? and when does it scheduled to 
> resolve the conflicts?
> Anything I can help?
> I really need php4 in two days!
> If current glibc hasn't resolve it yet, what's the best way 
> to temporarily have php4 on my machine? should I just 
> download the tarball and compile it myself?

Please wait -15, which will be appeared soon.

-- gotom

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