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Re: glibc 2.3 very soon

> Carlos,
>    It looks like Ulrich is preparing to kick out glibc shortly
> and roll any remaining fixes into glibc 2.3.1...
> http://sources.redhat.com/ml/libc-hacker/2002-09/msg00072.html
> Is hppa building cleanly and passing all of make check from
> current glibc cvs? If not you might want to push any remaining
> hppa patches.
>                             Jack

My current task is to do all of this today and tommorow:

- Rewrite and simplify pthreads (rather rote and mechanical)
- Submit 'unwind' patch (trivial)
- Submit 'tests' patch (trivial)
- Submit 'data-start' patch (trivial)
- Submit 'mcontext' patch (trivial/review)
- Submit 'libgcccompat' (non-trivial/small patch/review)
- Submit 'fcntl' (trivial)
- Submit 'fcntl64' (trivial)
- Submit 'build-hack' (trivial/review)

All the trivial pathces are small and only effect HPPA.
All the patches that require review do so only for HPPA.

Essentially the following patches are small and only touch
HPPA as an arch :)

With all these changes in CVS, HPPA will be in sync upstream.

I'll be pulling the latest glibc CVS within the hour to run
another build.


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