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Bug#35698: marked as done (libc6 conflicts with 'timezones', while timezones depends on libc6)

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Subject: libc6 conflicts with 'timezones', while timezones depends on libc6
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Package: timezones

Is 'timezones' a required packet on a libc6 system? It depends on libc6,
but glibc conflicts with    timezones!

My `dselect' apt method source list:

deb http://ftp.at.debian.org/debian unstable main contrib non-free
deb http://ftp.at.debian.org/debian-non-US unstable non-US

In the select menu I see the following:
    --- Available packages (not currently installed)
---                            =

    ----- Available Required packages -----
    ------- Available Required packages in section base -------
 --- Req base     timezones GNU C Library:
Timezone data and utilities

If I try to select it, I get the following:

timezones    removed (configs remain);  remove (was: remove).  Required
libc6 conflicts with timezones
timezones depends on libc6

and it deselects some hundred packages (depending on libc6)

dpkg status:

Package: timezones
Status: deinstall ok config-files
Priority: required
Section: base
Installed-Size: 1473
Maintainer: Joel Klecker and others <debian-glibc@lists.debian.org>
Source: glibc
Replaces: timezone
Depends: libc6
Conflicts: timezone
 /etc/timezone e070b1d7e2ea05a77f04dde1b2fe481b
Description: GNU C Library: Timezone data and utilities
 Utilities and data files used by the C library
 to handle time zones.

Package: libc6
Status: install ok installed
Priority: required
Section: base
Installed-Size: 4273
Maintainer: Joel Klecker and others <debian-glibc@lists.debian.org>
Source: glibc
Version: 2.1.1-0.1
Replaces: libc6-dev (<< 2.0.7-19981211), libc6-dev (<< 2.0.110-1), ldso
(<< 1.9.10-1.1), timezone, timezones, libdb2
Pre-Depends: ldso (>=3D 1.8.10-1)
Recommends: locales
Suggests: nscd, glibc-doc
Conflicts: libc5 (<< 5.4.33-7), libpthread0 (<< 0.7-10), libstdc++2.8 (=3D=

2.90.29-1), libstdc++2.9 (<< 2.91.59-2),
timezone, timezones, libwcsmbs, libc6-doc, libtricks, apt (<<
Description: GNU C Library: shared libraries
 Contains the standard libraries that are used by nearly all programs on
 the system. This package includes shared versions of the standard C
 and the standard math library among others.
 Also includes timezone data used by the C Library.

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