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Russian locale

Our suggestions are about the `locale' package.

1. Currently, this package contains locale called `ru_SU', but the country
Soviet Union no longer exist. We strongly recommend to remove `ru_SU'
because it adds nothing but confusion.

2. Furthermore, the package contains `ru_RU' locale that corresponds to
ISO8859-5 character map. It has to be moved to `ru_RU.ISO8859-5' for the
reason explained below.
There is also another charset for russian language, namely KOI8-R, which is
in fact equivalent to the charset used in former `ru_SU'. Actually,
both ISO8859-5 and KOI8-R are wide-spreaded in russian-speaking coutries,
thus setting `factory default' to either of them can lead to
misunderstanding in some cases. The best idea would be to let user choose 
between charsets, and probably establish a symlink `ru_RU' pointing to a 
user-preferred locale. For a sense of standartization the `locale' package 
might already have such a symlink pointing to `ru_RU.ISO8859-5'.

So we recommend to:
  a) move `ru_RU' to `ru_RU.ISO8859-5';
  b) move`ru_SU' to `ru_RU.KOI8-R';
  c) make a symbolic link `ru_RU' pointing to `ru_RU.ISO8859-5'.

Thank you in advance,

Subscribers of debian-russian mailing list.

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