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Bug#34816: Unresolved _IO_stderr_ when linking statically

>>>>> Matt Armstrong writes:

 > Package: libc6-dev
 > Version: 2.1.1-0.1

 > I'm attempting to *statically* link a program that makes use of a lot
 > of other libraries that were compiled with the old libc (libXt.a,
 > libXm.a, libpng.a, etc., etc.).

 > I'm finding that all of these libraries contain references to
 > _IO_stderr_ (as well as some others, but for now I'm trying to deal
 > with _IO_stderr_).  It seems to be coming from code like
 > fprintf(stderr, ...) within those libraries.  The new libc.a doesn't
 > provide _IO_stderr_, but it does provide an _IO_stderr.

 > Simply re-compiling the affected libs and installing the resulting
 > .debs fixes the unresolve.  If this is the accepted fix, let me know
 > and I'll start filing bugs in the individual packages where I find
 > this is a problem.  

 > But, if static linking is supposed to be backwards compatible with the
 > new libc, this is one thing that needs fixing.

Only the shared library is backwards compatible but not the static
one.  Recompiling is the right way.

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