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Re: Future of PDAL in Debian

On 2/17/22 09:57, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
In the meantime, Bas could you put on
hold the PDAL removing and eventually switch off the grass support until the whole mess will be solved?

No, I don't want to keep pdal in Debian.

Once the GRASS 7.8.7 final release or rc2 is out, pdal support will be removed from the grass package.

After that lands in unstable I'll file an RC bug against pdal to get it and its rdeps removed from testing. If that results in cloudcompare, paraview, and facet-analyser removing pdal from their (build) dependencies, the pdal package will also be removed from unstable.

If someone steps up to maintain the pdal package instead of me, the packages currently using it can keep doing so.

Howard has exhausted my tolerance with his combative attitude, that might be fine toward non-contributor corporate entities, but definitely not toward unpaid volunteers. I'm done with him and his software.

If others are willing to put up with it, go and take over the maintenance of the pdal package. If no one is willing or able to take over the pdal package, it will be removed from Debian as described above.

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