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sosi2osm and PROJ 8


As you may be aware, sosi2osm is incompatible with PROJ 8 which has dropped the deprecated proj_api.h in favor of proj.h.

sosi2osm needs to be ported [0], but upstream is not particularly active.

Since gdal has support for the SOSI format via libfyba, the functionality of sosi2osm can likely be reimplemented using ogr2osm or just plain ogr2ogr.

I plan to request removal of the package, since a fix for the RC bug affecting the Debian package is unlikely.

Do you object to the removal of sosi2osm from Debian? And if so, can you work on getting it fixed?

[0] https://github.com/Gnonthgol/sosi2osm/issues/9

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