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Re: doris, triangle, and RC bugs

Dear Sebastiaan,
sorry for the late reply.

Il 25/05/21 18:30, Sebastiaan Couwenberg ha scritto:
doris is scheduled for autoremoval from testing because it (build)
depends on triangle, which is affected by #988706.

While that issue is easy to fix, the triangle maintainer hasn't been
active since 2012 according to contributors.d.o. Removing the package
makes sense because of that.

doris should probably use its embedded copy of triangle and move from
contrib to non-free. Or be removed along with triangle. It has an
extremely low popcon score, so it likely won't affect many users.

I'm interested in having the doris package in the next stable release.
I know that very few people are potentially interested in SW for Synthetic Aperture RADAR processing, nevertheless I think that having doris in debian is still useful for the Earth Observation (EO) community (see e.g. the SARBIAN initiative [1]).

Regarding specific question I would really prefer to not change the current status at least until the new Debian 11 is released.

I would really appreciate if the simple fix that you proposed in #988706 could be applied by the current maintainer (Adam, in cc) or by a DD via a NMU.

For the next cycle we can of course re-discuss if it still makes sense to keep triangle and doris and the best way to proceed.

Of couse I'm available to take in charge the maintenance of the triangle package if Adam agrees or if the package is orphaned.

What do you think?

[1] https://github.com/EO-College/sarbian

kind regards

Antonio Valentino

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