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Re: debhelper compatibility

On 1/12/21 4:06 PM, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> I noticed that most (all?) of the d-gis packages still use dh level 10
> as the base one, while 12 was yet available in buster to. Is that a
> precise choice for backporting onto old releases or what?

Yes, as documented in the team policy:


The compat level is conservative to ease to work for UbuntuGIS where for
the oldest supported LTS (xenial) only 9 (in release), and 10 (in
backports) are available.

It was bumped to 10 because 9 now triggers lintian issues in Debian,
although I would have preferred to stick with 9 until xenial is EOL in
April 2021.

During the bookwork development cycle we can switch to compat level 12
which is available for bionic in backports, using 11 is not recommended
so we'll skip that. Until changes in debhelper and/or lintian force us
to, we'll stick to compat level 10 though.

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