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Mapnik 3.1.0

Mapnik 3.1.0 has been released shortly after 3.0.24 and only bumps the
compiler requirements. None of other changes on the master branch are
present in 3.1.0 making it a much less disruptive update.

Because the major and minor version are used in the input paths, source
changes are required for the reverse dependencies.

At the time of writing mapnik (3.1.0+ds-1~exp1) is in the NEW queue
waiting for ftp-master review.

With the transition freeze on next Thuesday (January 12th) we won't be
able to do a proper transition for mapnik, but because we maintain two
of the three reverse dependencies and source uploads are required we may
be able to get it into bullseye before the soft freeze on February 12th.

Patches have been submitted for the three packages, and can be found via
the usertag:


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