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Re: set owner of OSM raster tile server related ITPs to the team

On 8/19/20 7:16 PM, Felix Delattre wrote:
> Please excuse.

Not problem.

> Not sure if I didn't understand well this part in the policy or if there is something that needs clarification: https://debian-gis-team.pages.debian.net/policy/packaging.html#itp

The team policy originated from the Debian Med team, this section didn't
reflect the differences in the Debian GIS team correctly. I've just
pushed some changes to correct that.

>> If you intent to work on a Debian package you should follow the normal Debian rules and file a WNPP bug report.

If you use reportbug to create an ITP it will set yourself as the owner,
this is how its usually done.

>> It is a good idea to keep the Debian GIS mailing list debian-gis@lists.debian.org in CC and to set it as the owner of the ITP to keep your co-workers informed. This will ensure that we notice if for some reason the package has not been uploaded.

The pkg-grass-devel lists is used for packaging related mails, it
receives bug reports, VCS notifications, etc.

When filing bugs this is the list that is added to the CC to keep the
rest of the team informed, and have the mail in list archive for later

The team as a whole is not responsible for the ITP, individual people
work on the package to get it ready for upload. The primary person
responsible should be the owner of the bugreport.

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