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Re: zoo-project 1.7.0

Looks like build stage is now ok.

Getting this error in later stage though:


On 7/23/19 7:54 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
On 7/23/19 6:39 PM, Angelos Tzotsos wrote:
For amd64 we now get a zoo-service error:
./voronoi.c:203:68: error: ‘Face_iterator {aka class
CGAL::Triangulation_ds_vertex_base_2<void> >,
CGAL::Triangulation_ds_face_base_2<void> > >::Finite_faces_iterator}’
has no member named ‘info’
        fprintf(stderr," *** %s %d %d %d\n",__FILE__,__LINE__,nf,fit.info());
Looks like it want a different version of CGAL.

while for i386, the multiarch patch did not work:

gcc cgictest.o -o cgictest.cgi -L./ -lcgic
gcc: error: /usr/lib/i686-linux-gnu/libfcgi.a: No such file or directory
It fails because the patch doesn't use the mulitarch path:


-    LIBS= -L./ -lcgic /usr/lib/libfcgi.a
+    LIBS= -L./ -lcgic /usr/lib/${CPU}-linux-gnu/libfcgi.a
Use ${DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH} instead.

If you cannot use the environment variable, retrieve it with:

  dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH

Kind Regards,


Angelos Tzotsos, PhD
Charter Member
Open Source Geospatial Foundation

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