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Re: Reducing lintian messages on mod_tile

On Friday, 19 July 2019 10:32:39 IDT Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:


> Adding a lintian override is also an option, since you'll be downloading
> tiles from osm.org almost certainly, the privacy breach happens anyway.
> If someone is concerned about that, it should not use OpenStreetMap
> tools that rely on its infrastructure.

As one who uses mod_tile (Originally via https://wiki.debian.org/OSM/
tileserver/jessie I think )  I wish to point out that mod_tile can and is 
actually used by tiles which are rendered locally (by renderd) from 
information which may be updated once the admin decide it's a good idea to 
update the data.

mod_tile is an excellent way to get an offline tile server that can be used as a 
drop-in replacement when you need to force offline solution. 

I honestly do not see a flow when a person would be using mod_tile and rendered 
but would be relying on online osm tile providers.

Personally use it with a browser and marble-qt.

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