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Re: Reducing lintian messages on mod_tile

> 0001-Use-libjs-openlayers-to-solve-privacy-preach-lintian.patch

Instead of requiring javascript-common to expose openlayers via HTTP,
you can add a symlink to it in usr/share/libapache2-mod-tile and modify
the HTML to use a relative link. This will make it work without
javascript-common as well as work locally.

To fix the privacy-breach-generic it may be better to include a copy of
OpenStreetMap.js in the package which will need to be updated when it
changes on osm.org.

Adding a lintian override is also an option, since you'll be downloading
tiles from osm.org almost certainly, the privacy breach happens anyway.
If someone is concerned about that, it should not use OpenStreetMap
tools that rely on its infrastructure.

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