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Bullseye development cycle (source-only uploads & python2 removal)

With the release of buster [0] it's time to focus on the bullseye
development cycle.

Because source-only uploads are required now, we should update gbp.conf
to use --git-pbuilder-options=--source-only-changes by default to build
all arch: any & arch: all binary packages and have the source only
changes also available for the upload to the archive. Using only the
dpkg-buildpackage -S option doesn't build the binary packages and you'll
miss build failures of those. We need to update the team policy to also
replace -S with --git-pbuilder-options=--source-only-changes in the
Ubuntu backports section.

Besides the usual new upstream releases, we need to work on removing
Python 2 support for all our packages during the bullseye development
cycle. As mention in the release-notes [1] python2.7 is expected to be
removed in bullseye as it's EOL upstream by the end of the year.

For packages that are currently python2-only, those will need to be
switched to python3 and uploaded to experimental to pass NEW (this
requires a non-source-only upload), once the package is accepted a
source-only upload to unstable can follow when all reverse dependencies
are ready (or have bugs filed against them).

[0] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2019/07/msg00002.html

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