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Hi Luboš,

Thanks for your work on GPXSee so far. It needs a little more work
before it can be uploaded.

* debian/changelog

The ITP closed in the changelog (#884253) is not owned by you, but by
JCF Ploemen (jcfp) <linux@jcf.pm>. Have you talked to him about taking
over the package?

The ITP also mentions an outstanding license issue. I haven't found more
details about that, though. Do you have more information about that issue?

CONTRIBUTING.md mentions not accepting code contributions and requiring
a CLA in the future, that may be part of the issue, and makes the
package not a great candidate for inclusion in Debian. The burden of
carrying patches will be on us when upstream doesn't accept code

Once the issues with the package are resolved, and is ready for upload,
the distribution needs to set to unstable and urgency changed to medium,
the new default in dch.

* debian/compat

Compatibility level 11 implies that the package isn't backportable to
older Ubuntu LTS releases without changes. This increases the burden on
UbuntuGIS contributors if they want to include the package too.

Consider using compat level 9 which is widely supported. Refer to the
COMPATIBILITY LEVELS section in debhelper(7) about which changes need to
be made for compat level 9 due to changed defaults (e.g. dh --parallel).

* debian/control

The Homepage URL is also available over HTTPS and is preferred over
plain HTTP.

Why does gpxsee-data recommend gpxsee? Ideally the data package should
not have dependencies on other packages built from the same source,
unless strictly required. And even in that case there are likely better

* debian/copyright

Packaged-By is not a valid field according to the copyright format
specification. This field needs to be removed.

Use a consistent format for the Copyright fields, i.e. align copyright
holders, sort by year, and separate year and name with comma, sort files
in same section, etc. See for example:


The Files section for debian/* should be the last files section as it is
not part of the upstream sources.

The license shortname should be GPL-3+ to indicate the "or later" part
of the license. And the standalone license paragraph for it needs to be
expanded, the the copyright file for osmium-tool linked above.

The NIMA-UNCLASSIFIED license is relatively long and should use a
standalone license paragraph at the bottom of the file.

* debian/*.install

Align the destination paths for easier readability.

* debian/patches/update_desktop_file.patch

Please configure your .quiltrc as documented in the policy and refresh
the patch, see:


This patch should be forwarded upstream, but will upstream accept it?

The Author field lacks your email address, see DEP3 for details:


* debian/rules

Reorder the overrides in order of execution, i.e. clean before build.

* debian/watch

Handle common issues, see:


Packages using GitHub can use a watch file like:


Like debhelper compat level 11, watch format 4 is not as widely
supported, using format 3 is preferred unless format 4 is strictly
required (which it's not for this package).

Regarding the upstream sources, did you notice the typo in the license
filename? Upstream should fix that.

Kind Regards,


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