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Re: Fate of SFCGAL in Debian

On 11/12/2017 11:15 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> The fate of SFCGAL in Debian looks grim. The build failure reported in
> #876521 remains unfixed, and there hasn't been any activity in the
> upstream repo since September. The activity before that was worrying low
> then as well.

There is some activity upstream to work on compatibility with CGAL 4.11,
especially when its built with GMPXX as the Debian package is. [0]

Unfortunately this work is not completed yet, and it's unknown when/if
it will be.

> The SFCGAL support in the postgis package will be disabled when the CGAL
> transitions starts and no fix for #876521 is available. Since SFCGAL is
> not in healthy state upstream, I will follow up on the postgis change by
> having the sfcgal package removed from Debian.

The CGAL transition started today, so the SFCGAL support in the postgis
package has been disabled.

If the SFCGAL build failure remains unfixed in the next few months, I'll
request the removal of the sfcgal package from Debian.

> If there are people that would like for SFCGAL to remain in Debian,
> please get involved with the upstream project and help fix its worrying
> state.

[0] https://github.com/Oslandia/SFCGAL/pull/149

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