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Re: GDAL 2.2.0

Hi Bas,


> The first beta for GDAL 2.2.0 has been released, and the gdal package in

> experimental has been updated.


Thanks. That's great !



> While we have librasterlite2 in the archive, the RC0 version doesn't

> have the required functions to enable the support in GDAL.


Yes, the future librasterlite2 1.1 will be needed. Sandro Furieri told me that a 1.1.0-RC0 should be released rather soon.



> We do have Fyba, so the SOSI support was enabled.


> We also have SFCGAL, but since many users complain about the

> OpenSceneGraph dependency chain pulled in via libsfcgal, I've not

> enabled the support for now. Once the new SFCGAL release is out which

> splits the OSG support into a separate library, we can reconsider

> enabling the support in GDAL. Development of SFCGAL is not very active,

> which doesn't inspire confidence in its future supportability in PostGIS

> & GDAL.


> Because of the minor version bump, now was a good time to move the data

> files (in /usr/share/gdal/<MAJOR>.<MINOR>) from libgdal20 to its own

> architecture independent gdal-data package (like libproj & proj-data).

> This leaves only the shared library in libgdal20 which is more

> appropriate.


A hint just in case (I didn't look how the dependency was expressed): the data package should be considered almost as mandatory when you install the library, otherwise many parts will not work properly.


> A nice side effect will be that eventually many systems

> will have the gdal-data package installed likely making gdal an key

> package (exempt from testing auto-removal) as proj is also thanks to

> proj-data.


Not sure to have understood what you meant.






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