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GDAL 2.2.0

The first beta for GDAL 2.2.0 has been released, and the gdal package in
experimental has been updated.

While we have librasterlite2 in the archive, the RC0 version doesn't
have the required functions to enable the support in GDAL.

We do have Fyba, so the SOSI support was enabled.

We also have SFCGAL, but since many users complain about the
OpenSceneGraph dependency chain pulled in via libsfcgal, I've not
enabled the support for now. Once the new SFCGAL release is out which
splits the OSG support into a separate library, we can reconsider
enabling the support in GDAL. Development of SFCGAL is not very active,
which doesn't inspire confidence in its future supportability in PostGIS

Because of the minor version bump, now was a good time to move the data
files (in /usr/share/gdal/<MAJOR>.<MINOR>) from libgdal20 to its own
architecture independent gdal-data package (like libproj & proj-data).
This leaves only the shared library in libgdal20 which is more
appropriate. A nice side effect will be that eventually many systems
will have the gdal-data package installed likely making gdal an key
package (exempt from testing auto-removal) as proj is also thanks to

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