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Sponsoring of libmseed

Hi Pierre,

I have sponsored libmseed to new since you requested it via SoB.

I have two remarks:

  1. I've set Debian GIS team in CC since I think it might be
     sensible to add libmseed to the Debian GIS Blend task as

  2. Your suggestion to add libmseed to the tasks is technically
     wrong since there is no such *binary* package.  There is no
     point in adding source package names to a metapackage
     dependency.  Since libmseed is a library usually we are
     adding the development package to a development task.  Since
     (currently) there is no geography-dev task I lowered the
     priority to a final

        Suggests: libmseed-dev

The package itself seems to be OK and thus I've uploaded without

Thanks for working on the package



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