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Re: Packaging the mapcode utility

On 11/02/2016 07:48 PM, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> I intend [1] to package the mapcode utility and Bas Couwenberg suggested that 
> I do this in the Debian GIS team. I have applied to the alioth project, too.

And your application has been accepted.

Please create the git repository on Alioth and push your changes.

Refer to the Debian GIS Policy for documentation on the Git workflow:


But I guess you're familiar with the git-buildpackage workflow.

I'll add mapcode to one or more of the Debian GIS Blend tasks.

> I am a DD and am maintaining apache2 and related packages. Since the time I 
> can spend in Debian is rather limited these days, I don't expect to have 
> significant time to help with other GIS releated packages besides mapcode.

Although we don't have many people active in the Debian GIS team, just
sticking to the packages you care about is fine. We seem to be doing
well with the limited manpower we have.

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