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Packaging the mapcode utility


I intend [1] to package the mapcode utility and Bas Couwenberg suggested that 
I do this in the Debian GIS team. I have applied to the alioth project, too.

I am a DD and am maintaining apache2 and related packages. Since the time I 
can spend in Debian is rather limited these days, I don't expect to have 
significant time to help with other GIS releated packages besides mapcode.


[1] ITP:

A mapcode represents a location. Every location on Earth can be
represented by a mapcode. Mapcodes were designed to be short, easy to
recognise, remember and communicate. They are precise to a few meters,
which is good enough for every-day use. Locations in densely populated
areas often get shorter mapcodes. See http://www.mapcode.com/

This package contains a command line utility that can convert to and
from mapcodes.

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