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Re: Removing qgis from Debian

Hi Paolo,

On Sat, 25. Jun 2016 at 18:04:06 +0300, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> well, this was more or less expected, sooner or later.

Not to me.  I actually was surprised.  Especially by the harsh tone.

> What are the options now? Should (and can we) only support qgis with all the
> missing deps through our repo? Better solutions available?

I never indended to release packages for Qt5 before QGIS3 - and we also want to
couple the migration to Qt5 with Py3/PyQt5 - because we have to consider the
plugins and not only QGIS itself.

And we didn't plan to backport the preparation for QGIS3 to earlier versions
either.  We'll stick with Qt4/Py2/PyQt4 for 2.x packages.

And as there is no webkit replacement for Qt4 in Debian, we've disabled what
depends on webkit where it's not available.  So the packages on
testing/unstable miss some functionality (namely full featured maptips,
embedded webview in forms, feature info in identify results and some pages in
the about box), some stuff was ported to QTextBrowser (processing help, plugin
info in plugin manager), but the vast majority of stuff is not affected by this
at all.

Same with the globe core plugin - it's available where the required osEarth
version is available (ie. <=2.14 has globe where osEarth <2.7 is available,
>2.14 will only have globe where 2.7 is available).  But not having the
globe plugin available everywhere IMHO isn't a huge problem either.

Of course not ideal, but the preferable tradeoff compared to a Qt5 QGIS without
plugins.  Still plugin authors have to deal with the fact that their plugins
cease to work on Debian testing/unstable if they depend on webkit (eg. the
openlayers plugin).  But that's somewhat like any other python module - that
might or might not available.  Not sure how important they'll consider stretch.

And by the time stretch releases we might already have 3.0 - without the
temporary webkit problems.  But of course that's far too late for stretch.


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