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QGIS 2.14 & Qt5

Today the new QGIS 2.14.0 LTR release was published along with QGIS
2.8.7. While it would probably be better for stable users to stick to
the 2.8 LTR branch so they don't have to update their project files, we
cannot stick to 2.8.x much longer. It is expected reach EOL on May 20th
2016, and we cannot get any newer qgis into backports before resolving
the Qt5 WebKit RC bug.

QGIS 2.14 has some more Qt5 support, but full support is not expected
before QGIS 3.0. I've just uploaded the first revision of 2.14 to
experimental still using Qt4 because the qwt transition hasn't started
yet. That may not take much longer any more, but if it does we can move
qgis 2.14 to unstable easily.

If we can build QGIS 2.14 with Qt5 (with or without reduced
functionality), we can make the switch in unstable after the qwt
transition has started. I'll try to build with Qt5 as soon as possible.

If we cannot QGIS 2.14 with Qt5, we'll have to stick to Qt4 a little
longer. Because of the expected 2 month postponement of the freeze due
to get kernel 4.10 into stretch [1], we should be able to get QGIS 3.2
into stretch that is planned for October 2016. So chances are good that
we'll be able to include qgis in stretch despite its current removal
from testing. 3.0 & 3.2 are not LTRs, so like jessie we won't be able to
include an LTR in stable, but we'll make it available via backports.

Hopefully we don't have to wait for the 3.x releases before we can
resolve the Qt5 WebKit issue.

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2016/02/msg00626.html

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