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NetCDF 4.4.0

NetCDF 4.4.0 final has been released and bumps the SOVERSION to 11
accounting for the removed symbols in RC4. Fortunately we only have to
transition netcdf, and not also the C++ & Fortran packages. Only a few
packages FTBFS:

minc (2.2.00-6) FTBFS, this is the same issue as the for the previous
netcdf transition (#793885), which has been fixed in libminc, but not minc.

python-scientific (2.9.4-3) FTBFS due to an old issue too (#799195).

mmtk (2.7.9-1) FTBFS due to #798665, and requires python-scientific.

These packages are sid-only already, so shouldn't be much of an issue
for this transition.

Transition: netcdf

 libnetcdf7 (1:4.4.0~rc3-1) -> libnetcdf11 (1:4.4.0-1~exp1)

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 adios              (1.9.0-6)                           OK
 cmor               (2.9.1-6.1)                         OK
 dx                 (1:4.4.4-8)                         OK
 exodusii           (6.02.dfsg.1-6.1)                   OK
 gdal               (1.11.3+dfsg-2 / 2.0.1+dfsg-1~exp1) OK / OK
 gerris             (20131206+dfsg-6)                   OK
 gnudatalanguage    (0.9.6v2-1)                         OK
 grace              (1:5.1.25-1)                        OK
 grads              (2:2.0.2-8)                         OK
 gri                (2.12.23-9)                         OK
 kst                (2.0.3-4)                           OK
 libminc            (2.3.00-2)                          OK
 libpdl-netcdf-perl (4.20-1.1)                          OK
 minc               (2.2.00-6)                          FTBFS
 nco                (4.5.4-1)                           OK
 ncview             (2.1.6+ds-1)                        OK
 netcdf-cxx         (4.2.1-2)                           OK
 netcdf-cxx-legacy  (4.2-3)                             OK
 netcdf-fortran     (4.4.2-3)                           OK
 netcdf4-python     (1.2.2-1)                           OK
 octave-octcdf      (1.1.8-1)                           OK
 ovito              (2.3.3+dfsg1-2)                     OK
 python-scientific  (2.9.4-3)                           FTBFS
 r-cran-ncdf4       (1.15-1)                            OK
 r-cran-rnetcdf     (1.6.3-1-1)                         OK
 ruby-netcdf        (                         OK
 v-sim              (3.7.2-1)                           OK

 cdftools           (3.0-2~exp1.1)                      OK
 etsf-io            (1.0.4-1~exp1.1)                    OK
 ferret-vis         (6.9.3-4)                           OK
 gmt                (5.2.1+dfsg-3)                      OK
 grass              (7.0.2-2 / 7.0.3~rc2-1~exp1)        OK / OK
 magics++           (2.26.2-2)                          OK
 minc-tools         (2.3.00+dfsg-1)                     OK
 mmtk               (2.7.9-1)                           FTBFS
 ncl                (6.3.0-6)                           OK
 oasis3             (3.mct+dfsg.121022-7)               OK
 vtk                (5.10.1+dfsg-2)                     OK
 vtk6               (6.2.0+dfsg1-4)                     OK

 cdo                (1.7.0+dfsg.1-2)                    OK
 ifrit              (4.1.2-1)                           OK
 metview            (4.6.1-2)                           TODO

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