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Re: New Version of osm-gps-map nearly ready (gnuais FTBFS on i386)

On 12/25/2015 03:27 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg


> Thanks for the fix on i386!
> That along with the upload of darktable (2.0.0-1) to unstable removes
> the blockers for the osm-gps-map transition.

Thanks Ruben & Bas for working on this over the holidays. I was able to
do a bit of Debian stuff, but it was hard for me to keep track of all
the emails.

It looks like the blip on 32 bit arches has left some cruft behind
preventing migration of osm-gps-map, gnuais & darktable to testing.

I just pinged the FTP Team to ask for a decruft.

Thanks again,


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