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OSSIM packaging (Was: OTB)

On 09-12-15 18:21, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> specifically what had to be done for ossim?

Unfortunately a lot. The current packaging uses a custom upstream
tarball from SVN, but the published upstream tarball should be used now.

That contains a lot more that just the ossim sources currently used by
the package, so an extensive update to the copyright file is required
plus possible repacking of non-free bits. The packaging needs to be
updated to build ossim from the ossim subdirectory instead of the root
(using the dh --sourcedirectory option) at the minimum.

The packaging changes from OSGeo-Live need to be reviewed and considered
for inclusion, they updated the ossim package to 1.8.18 but didn't
contribute that back to Debian GIS.

I've looked at updating OSSIM in the past, but since I so far have no
need to it myself I haven't found the motivation to continue with it.

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