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Re: HDF5 1.10

Hi Alastair,

Alastair McKinstry a écrit le 17/11/2015 20:35 :
> Hi,
> So I'm at Supercomputing'15 in Austin, Tx and have just come from the
> HDF5 State of the Union BOF.
> Interesting, but in particular HDF5 1.10 alpha will be released in
> December with a beta about 1-2 months later is planned.
> This means all going well, HDF5 1.10 could be in Debian  stretch, and it
> would be very strongly advised to be  added,
> as a (small) change in disk file format is planned, which means 1.8 will
> no longer read HDF5 files produced over Stretch's lifetime otherwise.
> Apparently the build/ configure environment is being revamped with could
> also be interesting.
> Is anyone planning on working on this yet?

Thanks for the news. I'll have a look once the alpha is out.



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