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Re: failed mips build of sfcgal 1.1.0-4

On 02-09-15 17:49, Sven Geggus wrote:
> Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> For now I suggest to also upload -5 to unstable to get sfcgal rebuilt
>> for the openscenegraph transition.
>> If you have no further changes to add, I'll upload it as soon as possible.
> I would have hoped to be able to add the mips stuff to the symbols file
> first, which is basically the only difference between -4 and -5 anyway.

You can update the symbols for mips (and armhf) now.

The mips build failure was preventing testing migration, it looks like
this prompted someone to giveback sfcgal. It has now successfully built
on mips-aql-02 instead of the problematic lucatelli. This also allowed
sfcgal to migrate to testing today.

The Tracker for sfcgal reports two build log issues, one of them is
symbols changes for armhf too. Updating the symbols for the other
architectures in git is a good idea, a new upload is not strictly
required but a good option anyway.

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