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Re: osm-tile-server

> Its hard to say what is the best approach, as there are just so many
> unknowns. I don't even currently know when I will be able to use
> tilelite and openstreetmap-carto together with mapnik3 (in Sid).

True. But Jessie is luckily stable these days and is good to have to
test these things.

> The configuration changes in mapnik3 may even effect this, as they may
> change how the database configuration is handled.

Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

> Regardless, there are other ways of approaching this issue, for example,
> the openstreetmap-carto package could produce two binary packages, the
> first containing the style.xml file, and the second which depends on the
> first, and handles copying it and editing it for the user. In this
> scenario, you could just depend on the first package, and avoid any
> questions being asked of the user.

This is a very good idea. It will provide full flexibility. All the
reusable things should be in a separate package called
openstreetmap-carto-common or something similar (or perhaps
openstreetmap-carto vs openstreetmap-carto-config). Then users who
just want an OSM tile server up running can just install
osm-tile-server which pulls in -common, while the more advanced user
can install openstreetmap-carto and configure every detail


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