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I've been working some days on a native Debian package for setting up
an OSM tile server.
The idea is to be able to support several tile providers, but
currently only tilelite is supported.

The code is here: https://github.com/rubund/osm-tile-server

It consists of three binary packages:

   Meta-package which Depends on osm-tile-server-base and Recommends

   This package sets up the postgres database, the db user and
provides the user with a debconf interface to select region to import
into the database. When the region is selected, a download from
Geofabrik and import may be started at once, or delayed until the user
wants to get it done (by calling "osm-tile-server-process")

   This package contains basically systemd service file for starting a
tilelite background daemon connected to the database configured with
osm-tile-server-base. It also contains a sysvinit startup script.

There will also hopefully be a osm-tile-server-mod-tile after a while..

The idea is then to be able to run. "apt install
osm-tile-server-tilelite" and then  "dpkg-reconfigure
osm-tile-server-base",  select a region, and have a fully functional
tile server with the selected region.

Because of #797975, it doesn't work in sid right now, so the best way
to test it is to run Jessie, and first build and install
openstreetmap-carto there.

I would like to get some feedback on this - if it sounds like a
reasonable way to proceed, or if I'm completely off track. What else
could be done?

Christopher Baines: Do you think that there is a way to include some
basic shapefiles together with openstreetmap-carto so that tilelite
will be able to start after a basic install of openstreetmap-carto
even before downloading all the big files?


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