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transition: geos (spatialite->postgis->gdal->spatialite circular dependency)

On 27-08-15 18:12, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> After the buildds have completed these builds, the follow uploads will
> be made:
>  * spatialite (4.3.0-3)
>    Reinstates liblwgeom-dev dependency to fix the regression
>  * gdal (1.11.2+dfsg-3)
>    Requires libspatialite-dev (>= 4.3.0-3~)
>  * postgis (2.1.8+dfsg-4)
>    Requires libgdal-dev (>= 1.11.2+dfsg-3~)
> After that the rest of geos rdeps can be rebuild as usual.

spatialite (4.3.0-3), gdal (1.11.2+dfsg-3) & postgis (2.1.8+dfsg-4) have
been uploaded to unstable.

Only the armel builds for gdal & postgis are still missing because gdal
is stuck in Uploaded status for over 10 hours.

Most other packages affected by the geos transition have also been
uploaded to unstable (or will soon be: pyosmium & osmcoastline).

This leaves only two packages in need of a binNMU for the geos transition:

 basemap (1.0.7+dfsg-3)
 player  (3.0.2+dfsg-4.2)

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