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Permanent transition trackers for Debian GIS

Some of you know about the custom transition tracker I use to prepare
transitions [1]. Contrary to the official Release Team transition
tracker [2] the ben configuration doesn't automatically get created nor
removed, so we can still review completed transitions for example.

The custom ben configurations also include packages that build depend on
the -dev package in the list of affected packages. Affected packages
that aren't good nor bad need to be investigated. These likely don't
need the build dependency any more, of may need build system changes to
link to the libraries again.

I propose to move my custom tracker from its temporary location on my
webserver to the team webspace on Alioth [3] so that it can the be
accessed via https://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/transitions/.

The benefit of our own permanent transition tracker is mostly in
planning stage. One downside is that it doesn't know about the other
transitions in the official tracker, although those could be synced easily.

Alioth doesn't have the ben package installed, so updates will have to
be manual or automated outside of Alioth. Ideally the tracker get
updates automatically on at least a daily basis to incorporated the
changes in unstable. Updating the trackers in only matter of running
`ben download <args> && ben tracker <args>` so easy to automate.

The official transition tracker uses the projectb database that gives it
more real-time access to the current state of unstable. The alternative
used by the custom tracker, downloading the Sources/Packages files from
the mirrors, can only access changes in unstable once every 8 hours
(after d-install & mirror push).

If anyone sees value in having permanent transition trackers for the
various Debian GIS packages, I'll start making the necessary changes.
Otherwise I'll keep things as they are.

[1] http://linuxminded.nl/tmp/pkg-grass-transitions/
[2] https://release.debian.org/transitions/
[3] https://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/

Kind Regards,


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