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Re: fiona/rasterio - failing tests when building package - not after installation

On 16-08-15 21:44, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> When updating fiona [1]. I noticed some tests fail while building the
> package. The same test do not fail however if I run them manually
> after installation.

The tests fail consistently for my builds, running the nose tests
manually fail just the same (on sid after failed debuild).

My steps to reproduce were:

 cd .pybuild/pythonX.Y_2.7/build/
 python2.7 -m nose --with-doctest --exclude test_geopackage \
           --exclude fiona --exclude test_filter_vsi

I'm quite curious how your environment differs, that your manual run

> All tests which fail are using CliRunner from the click package:
> from click.testing import CliRunner
> I wonder if anyone has suggestions on how to run these tests anyway. I
> was actually thinking to have the tests while building, but to add the
> tests to debian CI [2], but maybe someone knows a way to make these
> tests work.
> Note that exactly the same problem affects rasterio.

Maybe there are changes in cligj 0.3 that may alleviate some of these

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