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Re: Fwd: Re: gfortran and netcdf transitions

On 10-08-15 08:45, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> The big hurdle is the netcdf/gfortran transition: a number of
> packages depend on netcdf.mod. As Matthias points out below, this
> would involve a package rename anyway: do we wish to combine the
> two, given that the netcdf transition has been tested in
> experimental?

For netcdf-fortran I don't see a problem other than the outstanding
bugs to add the new build dependencies [1], etsf-io & oasis3 still
need to build depend on the new libnetcdff-dev. Patches are available
in the bugreports.

The biggest hurdle for the netcdf transition [2] is that we can't
update only netcdf-fortan we need to update the C & C++ packages too.
The netcdf transition tracker still needs to be updated to handle the
package split as mentioned in the transition bugreport (#791215).

I'm not sure if it's wise to start the netcdf transition already, even
though I would prefer to transition to the new netcdf packages instead
of doing a v5 rename. A number of reverse dependencies cannot be built
in unstable because the libdap transition (#791114) hasn't started
yet, so libstdc++6 still breaks the current libdap version in unstable
on which gdal among others (build) depends, and so most GIS package
cannot be built because they (build) depend on gdal. This includes
gmt, ncl & vtk6 that are part of the netcdf transition.

I'd like to ask the opinion of the Release Team whether we should
trigger the netcdf transition too, or do a v5 rename in the old
packages after all.

[2] https://bugs.debian.org/791215

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