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Re: netcdf Transition

On 2015-07-13 13:40, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
So, whats the current status of the netCDF transition?

We still need to verify all reverse dependencies before we can request a transition slot.

Ross was working on this, but he's on vacation now. No one else is actively testing the reverse dependencies AFAIK. I'm not going to start with that before getting the gdal & spatialite transition done. If you want to help with the netcdf transition verify all reverse dependencies with the new netcdf, netcdf-cxx, netcdf-cxx-legacy & netcdf-fortran packages.

All the netcdf-* packages appear to build, are there outstanding bugs or
should we just kick off the transition?

No, we're not ready for the netcdf transition yet.

We need to make sure to track the split packages properly, I think I have a working configuration, but it doesn't handle the netcdf-cxx-legacy package very well (its library name remains the same, it's just built from a different source).

What about collisions with the gcc-5 transition?

The GCC-5 related transitions are going to be painful, that's why I hope to get the gdal & spatialite transitions done before GCC-5, but it seems unlikely.

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