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Re: New releases libosmium, osmium-tool, osmcoastline

On 04/01/2015 10:00 AM, Jochen Topf wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 10:15:22PM +0200, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> http://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/policy/packaging.html#git-new-upstream
>> This section documents the typical first steps for updating existing
>> packaging for a new upstream release.
>> The section still needs to be expanded of typical things to do after and
>> while refreshing the patches, most importantly reviewing license &
>> copyright changes, possible new dependencies, etc.
>> I appreciate feedback what to improve in our documentation to make it
>> more useful as a reference for these kinds of tasks.
> First, the docbook styling is hard to understand. H4 are the same size as
> normal text and H5 are actually smaller. This makes it difficult to see the
> structure of the document.

The header styling has been tweaked in the recent changes to the policy.

> And the black on white with interspersed white on
> black code blocks is rather jarring. But thats just styling, not so important.

I quite like how the black on white terminal output stands out from the
text, the strong contrast can still be improved though.

> I think the document needs more complete howto code sections. I think the code
> sections are much more useful than the text. All I want to do is copy-and-paste
> a few commands, maybe change the name of the repository and run it. I am going
> to script this on my side anyway. If I can't script it, it is not going to work
> anyway, because when I next look at it two months later I might be able to
> remember to call "update_all_my_repositories" or so, but not complex pbuilder
> command lines.
> So the problem really is that there are too many options in the document.
> I understand it is necessary, because there are different ways of doing things,
> but for me I only need one option. :-) At the moment I have to follow the text
> and understand for each code section whether it applies in my case and I have
> to run it or not. Maybe this can be done by an approach like this:
> "To update to a new version, run these commands:
>  ...
>  ...
>  ...
> If they all work, you are done. If any of them fails, read the following
> background information..."

The new upstream section has been reordered to incorporate this
suggestion. Have a look:


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