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Re: Osmium packages

On 03/16/2015 10:11 PM, Jochen Topf wrote:
> Looking more closely at the packages I noticed the following issue with
> libosmium: /usr/share/doc/libosmium2-dev/examples/ contains the *.cpp example
> files, but without the CMake build scripts they are basically useless.
> Unfortunately the CMakeLists.txt from the example dir is not enough, it needs
> its parent CMakeLists.txt which in turn needs other files.

That's why I excluded the build system, and only installed the example
code. To serve the a similar purpose as osmium-contrib, showing how to
use libosmium.

If users want to build the code they should apt-get the source package.

Including an build system examples for the source may be a good idea to
help developers get started by building and modifying (copies of) the

libosmium should probably also install FindOsmium.cmake since that's
recommended in the "Using Libosmium in your own projects" documentation.


> And for all packages: Should "Contact" in debian/upstream/metadata also point
> to "Osmium Developers (http://osmcode.org/contact)"?

Yes it should. See:


It's analogues to the Upstream-Contact field in the copyright file, but
may be different.

> I can build the libosmium package now, but not the others as they all depend on
> libosmium2-dev which isn't yet available to cowbuilder. Can I somehow give
> cowbuilder this extra package?

You can configure pbuilder to use local dependencies via the othermirror
option, either local files or via an APT repo.


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