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Re: OpenLayers 3

On 12/28/2014 10:24 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> Johan and I have started to package OpenLayers 3 after the need for a
> package arose for OSGeo Live.
> OpenLayers 3 is quite different from OpenLayers 2, the switch to Node.js
> being the most prominent.
> The OpenLayers 3 build.py script uses npm to install its dependencies,
> not all of which are available in Debian yet. 
> [...]
> The npm2deb package exists, which may be helpful to get some of these
> missing dependencies packaged.

There has been some progress on the OpenLayer 3 packaging front.

Progress is being tracked in the BTS with RFS & ITP bugs and their

Progress is also tracked in the Wiki using openlayers task:


npm2deb has proven itself to be very useful in bootstrapping basic
packaging for Node.js modules.

Not all build dependencies for Node.js modules exist, but because
shipping the plain JavaScript source is often sufficient this is not a
big problem.

Help with packaging more of the OpenLayer 3 dependency tree is very much

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