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Re: Which debian gis packages in experilmental can go into ubuntu

On 02/17/2015 08:08 PM, Ross Gammon wrote:
> On 02/17/2015 05:58 PM, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
>> geographiclib: check why not synced from unstable
> I looked at this a while ago. It fails to build on some architecture or
> other (my bad). Bas has fixed this in the version in experimental.
> As there are no reverse dependencies (the last time I looked), this
> could be a candidate to sync from experimental.
> Cheers,
> Ross
Whoops - Bas's fixes are in 1.40 and still in NEW. Looking at the
buildd's, 1.38 in experimental probably would FTBFS on some arches in
Ubuntu, but symbols file could easily be patched once there to get it


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