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Re: Which debian gis packages in experilmental can go into ubuntu

On 02/17/2015 05:58 PM, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> dans-gdal-scripts 0.23-3~exp1 vs 0.23-2 (in ubuntu)
> freexl: 1.0.0h-1~exp1 vs 1.0.0g-1

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

> (gdal, already synced to 1.11.1+dfsg-1~exp2; note that 1.11.2 was
> released today)

Will update Debian package for 1.11.2 this week.

> grass 6.4.4-1 vs 7.0.0~rc2-1~exp1

Truly experimental, don't sync.

> jmapviewer: 1.05+dfsg-1~exp1 vs 1.03+dfsg-2
> josm: 0.0.svn7995+dfsg1-1~exp1 vs 0.0.svn7643+dfsg1-1
> josmplugins 0.0.svn30932+ds1-1~exp1 vs 0.0.svn30763+ds1-1
> openstreetmap-map-icons: 1:0.0.svn30932-1~exp1 vs 1:0.0.svn30763-1

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

There four need to be synced together, josm requires jmapviewer >= 1.05,
and josm-plugins has a tight dependency on the josm version it was built
with, josm also needs the openstreetmap-map-icons version packaged at
the same time.

> libcitygml: (check why not synced from unstable)

Ubuntu still has openscenegraph 3.2.0 (with 3.2.1 proposed), libcitygml
in Debian was built with openscenegraph 3.2.1 as indicated by the +3p2p1
version suffix.

> libepsilon: 0.9.2-3~exp1 vs 0.9.2-2
> libgeo-proj4-perl: 1.05-2~exp1 vs 1.05-1

Not truly experimental, but no interesting changes, no need to sync.

> liblas: 1.8.0-2~exp1 vs 1.8.0-1.

Truly experimental, don't sync.

~exp1 introduced symbols, but ~exp2 with the symbols for architectures
other than amd64 hasn't been uploaded yet.

> mkgmap: 0.0.0+svn3436-1~exp1 vs 0.0.0+svn3333-1
> mkmapgui 1.1.ds-3~exp1 vs 1.1.ds-2

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

> openlayers: 2.13.1+ds2-1~exp1 vs 2.11+ds1-1

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

> osgearth: 2.6.0+dfsg-1~exp1 vs 2.5.0+dfsg-2

Not truly experimental, can be synced, but like libcitygml also built
for openscenegraph 3.2.1.

> osm2pgsl: 0.87.1-1~exp1 vs 0.86.0-1

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

> osmosis: 0.43.1-3~exp1 vs 0.43.1-2

Not truly experimental, can be synced, but no interesting changes.

> postgis: 2.1.5+dfsg-1~exp2 vs 2.1.4+dfsg-2

Not truly experimental anymore (since ~exp2), can be synced.

> proj: 4.9.0~rc2-1~exp1 vs 4.8.0-5

Truly experimental, don't sync.

> qlandkartegt: 1.8.0+ds-1~exp1 vs 1.7.7-3

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

I'm working on 1.8.1+ds-1~exp1 containing a fix for the MapQuest routing
service that changed its URL recently, but it won't be ready in time for

> qmapshack: 0.12.0-1~exp1 vs 0.7.0-1

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

Has some FTBFS on some architectures, maybe better to not sync.

> readosm 1.0.0d-1~exp1 vs 1.0.0b+dfsg1-2

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

> spatialindex: 1.8.5-1~exp1 vs 1.8.1-3

Not truly experimental, can be synced.

> spatialite: 4.2.0-1~exp1 vs 4.1.1-10

Not truly experimental, could be synced, but requires transition so not
recommended to sync.

> spatialite-tools: 4.2.1~rc1-1 vs 4.1.1-4

Truly experimental, don't sync.

The accompanying spatialite 4.2.1~rc1-1~exp2 is still in NEW.

> libgeotiff-epsg: 1.4.1-1~exp1 vs 1.4.0-1

Not truly experimental, but don't sync.

The accompanying libgeotiff-dfsg 1.4.1-1~exp1 is still in NEW.

> openscenegraph: (check whether can be synced from unstable)

3.2.1 is proposed, but upgrade from 3.2.0 requires a transition, not
likely at this stage.

Kind Regards,


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